Business Internet

More efficiency, more control
GHIB Business Internet lets you do your local and international banking from your work or home, any time it suits you, and without having to rely on the post for sending documentation or authorisations.

It cuts down the man-hours required, makes your banking more efficient, and puts you in fingertip control of your cash flow.

With GHIB Business Internet you or your staff can:
· Mke transfers between your accounts
· Pay creditors, wages and salaries and receive payments electronically
· Set up or cancel standing orders
· Stop direct debits or cheques
· Instruct international payments in all major hard currencies
· Get timely updates on international transactions for greater control
· Get up-to-date balances and access transaction records between statements
· Download up to three months’ statement information. 

No-cost service
GHIB Business Internet is free. You pay only your normal account and transaction fees.

Security and audit
GHIB Business Internet is supported with the latest security features, which are updated as new options become available. We use industry standard 128-bit encryption to ‘scramble’ information flowing between us so it cannot be read by unauthorised people.

The system also provides an indelible audit trail for every transaction.

Payments can be secured by a three-tier approval process in your organisation so you can be confident they’re properly verified by trusted senior executives.

GHIB Business Internet also gives you flexibility to allocate usage privileges on a bespoke basis eg. limit some staff to accessing account information while limiting authority to make transactions to more senior staff.

Up-to-the-minute information
GHIB Business Internet shows not only last night’s balances but also today’s entries and the impact this will have on your balances at the end of the day.

Doing business internationally
Amongst a range of valuable features for businesses operating internationally, GHIB Business Internet lets you open and amend Letters of Credit. It can also provide up-to-date status reports on specific Letters of Credit or Documentary Collections. 

Please note, Business Internet is only available on accounts where one signatory is authorised to sign alone.

Technical support of GHIB Business Internet is available by phoning +233 302 660 809.

More information
To find out more about GHIB Business Internet and how your business can benefit, please click here to email us.