GHIB Debit MasterCard

Home or away, the smarter way to pay
Here’s the easiest way to get cash out from your GHIB Current Account or pay for your purchases, at home or abroad.

No more lunchtime queues at the bank. No more carrying around large amounts in cash. No more cheques to write and no worrying whether they’ll be accepted.

· Get cash out from your current account or check your balance 24/7 from any bank’s money machine
· Pay for your purchases with your card – easier than cash or cheques
· Lets you enjoy the time-saving convenience of online or phone shopping
· Use it overseas – safer and more convenient than organising foreign currency
· Get a complete record of your transactions in your statement. Helps you stay in control of your money.


Where can you use it?
You can use the card at any ATM in the UK, Ghana or overseas that has the MasterCard symbol. There are literally millions of them.

You can use it to pay for goods and services at millions of locations in the UK, Ghana and worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

You can also use it online and over the phone with merchants who accept MasterCard.

Travelling with your card
The GHIB Debit MasterCard is great to travel with. Accepted at millions of cash machines and retail outlets in Ghana and around the world, it’s a whole lot easier than organising travellers’ cheques, and much more secure than carrying large sums of cash in foreign countries.

Cash machines overseas work the same way as they do in the UK and will display English once you’ve put your card in.

Purchases and withdrawals are converted into sterling at the exchange rate applying on the day. Handling, processing and transaction fees apply.

Records every transaction
No more having to collect and save receipts. Every transaction on your card is recorded in the quarterly current account statement you receive. Seeing where the money goes will help you manage your finances better. It’s also very useful for people who can claim back expenses.

How a debit card works
Your card comes with a electronic chip, and you are issued with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You need to enter your PIN each time you use the card.

There’s no credit involved. Funds are taken directly from your current account when you make your withdrawal or purchase, so your current account has to have enough money in it, or the transaction is declined.

Changing your PIN
You’ll be sent a PIN, but if you find it hard to remember you can change it for something simpler. You can do it through our Internet Banking or in person at our office at 67 Cheapside, City of London.

If your card is lost or stolen
You can be confident your GHIB Debit MasterCard comes with the latest security and fraud prevention features.

But if your card is lost or stolen, you must contact us as soon as possible. We’ll cancel your old card and deliver a new one to you, usually within 3-5 working days.

Call our dedicated 24/7 0845 605 6004.

Help us protect your card
If your card is declined, there are transactions that you don’t recognise or if you need a new PIN please call us on 0845 604 6005.

How much does it cost?
There are very few fees directly associated with the GHIB Debit Card (other fees and charges may still be appropriate to the customers linked accounts). The customer will only be charged for foreign transactions and ATM withdrawals as follows:

- £1 ATM withdrawals within the UK
- £1.50 ATM withdrawals abroad
- 3.5% charge for on all foreign transactions

TIP: Don’t be embarrassed by having your transaction declined. Keep track of the balance in your Current Account with GHIB Internet Banking.

For more information
Phone our Retail Banking Helpdesk on 0845 605 6004.
Click here to Email us
Visit us between 9.30am and 3pm at 67 Cheapside 1st Floor, City of London, EC2V 6AZ.